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Vuze VR Studio

Version 3.4.7387 (March 22, 2020)
Version 3.4.7250 (December 24, 2019)
Automated VR Production and Editing
Create amazing VR experiences with our automated VR production. Instantly capture and import your Vuze footage into the VR Studio and create your own VR movie to view or share on any platform.
Vuze LIVE – Real-time preview and broadcasting (for licensed cameras)
Preview your footage as you capture and live broadcast to your audience. Media can be edited in real time and shared to Facebook, YouTube or a VR player using an RTMP stream. Currently available for Windows OS. Vuze VR Studio can be installed on your PC or laptop and activated using your Vuze Camera. Each camera grants you 5 installation licenses. Vuze LIVE can be used with any Vuze+ Camera or with a Vuze camera with a LIVE license. You can purchase a LIVE license for your Vuze camera here. In order to run Vuze VR Studio the following setup is advised:
Windows Requirements
Minimal: Windows 10, 4GB RAM, Integrated or discrete GPU with 3GB RAM, DirectX 11, OpenCL 1.2, and the most recent drivers.
Recommended: Windows 10, 8 GB RAM or higher, Fast discrete GPU (NVIDIA,AMD) with 3GB RAM, DirectX 11, OpenCL 1.2, and the most recent drivers.
macOS Requirements
Minimal: Mac computers running macOS Sierra (12.0) or later and supporting OpenCL 1.2 and OpenGL 3.3 with at least 4GB RAM.
Recommended: Mac computers from 2017 or newer running macOS Sierra (12.0) or later, with dedicated Radeon GPU and 16GB RAM

For complete list of Mac computers that use OpenCL and OpenGL graphics please refer to
Studio Support