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The mobile app for both iOS and Android has more or less the same User Interface (or UI in short). You can find the main screens of the app in the image below. The screens consist of the following:

  1. Main window - This is the menu of the app, it lets you access all the other parts of the app described below.
  2. Live preview and recording - After your camera is connected this window shows up automatically. It lets you decide which recording mode is active, see battery life, SD card capacity, review your shot before starting it, and more.
  3. Gallery - Shows the recordings on both the inserted SD card and your mobile device. This window lets you move items between one another.
  4. Settings - Every camera setting or information about the app and camera are in here.
  5. Information - Currently installed firmware, camera serial number, app version, etc. If you open a support call to address an issue please provide this information in your email.

Live preview and recording modes window: