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Vuze XR android app release notes

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Version 1.4.0

Date 15/10/19

This app version requires firmware update to version 1.4.61381

  • Added 5.7K video live preview during recording
  • Added photo stitching in app (performance on older devices may be slow)
  • Added video stitching in app (performance on older devices may be slow)
  • Added auto tracking
  • Added Preview Off during the video recording to extend battery life
  • Improved audio tools
  • Improved render and snap&share workflows
  • User experience improvements
  • Stability and performance improvements
  • Bug fixes
Version 1.3.1

Date 1/8/19

New Features:

  • Support of Flip and Crop feature for all media types
  • Full Director's Cut functionality in 3D 180 videos
  • Changing video resolution, frame rate and photo format in Quick Settings in Dashboard
  • Sharing multiple items to Facebook

Enhancements and Bug fixes:

  • Render workflow
  • Stabilization
  • Audio levels
  • Cropped media resolution
  • GUI refinements
  • User Experience enhancements
Version 1.3

Date 27/6/19

New Features:

  • Capture delay for photo and video. Once set, persists in camera without the app.
  • Manual exposure settings (ISO, Shutter Speed)
  • Raw format for photo – DNG format
  • Quick Settings menu on Dashboard – allows quick access to various settings.
  • Broadcast live to Custom RTMP
  • RTMPS support (and broadcasting to FB)
  • UWC setting

Enhancements and Bug fixes

  • Filters
  • Effects
  • Adjustments
  • Increased output resolution in Snap&Share
  • Editor/Directors Cut workflow improvement
  • Updated look here behavior
  • GUI refinements
  • Performance improvements
Version 1.2.5

Date 10/5/19

  • Added Chinese and Japanese languages support. Select app language in the app settings menu
  • Added 180 and 360 photo stabilization
  • Enhanced 3D 180 video stabilization
  • Updated behavior of the slider menu
  • Added display of camera resolution and battery charging indication in Indications panel
  • Updated broadcasting to Facebook business pages
  • Enhanced Live broadcasting to YouTube
  • Support for software updates server location for China. Select from app settings.
  • Bug fixes
Version 1.2.4

Date 12/3/2019

  • Director’s cut for 360 video: Set start/end, look here, crop, flip, Reset All
  • Added Filters
  • Added Effects
  • Additional settings
  • Performance enhancement in still capture
  • Stabilization enhancements
  • Performance enhancements
  • Bug fixes
Version 1.2.2

Date 5/2/2019

  • New settings added.
  • Enhanced filters, adjustments and effects.
  • Better rendering solution
  • Bug fixes

Date 17/1/2019

  • New settings added.
  • Enhanced filters, adjustments and effects.
  • Better rendering solution
  • Bug fixes
  • Added 4K live streaming
  • Bug fixes

Date 7/1/2019

  • 60fps videos support
  • Workflow improvement
  • Added snap&share
  • Added stitching distance control in settings
  • Added stabilization for 180º videos
  • Added WI-FI direct support
  • Added Firmware update

Date      7/12/2018

Bug fixes, addition of adjustments and filters.

Version 1.0

Date       26/11/2018

Vuze XR Camera App allows to remotely control the camera through a wifi connection.

Main features include:

  • Capture videos and photos in 3D 180 or 2D 360
  • Choose resolutions: Photo 18MP, Video 4K/30fps or 5.7K/30fps
  • Video stabilization
  • Watch your media or live preview with VR glasses
  • Create little planet effects
  • Share on social media
  • Google VR180 compatible format

The app’s video editor enables fun features such as: to add artistic filters, make color adjustments, add audio.