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Firmware updates are very important with our camera, we invest a lot in these updates and it's always best to perform them on first use.

In order to perform a firmware update, please follow these instructions:

Format a compatible Micro SD card to exFAT on your computer (note that this will erase all data on the card so save any stored files needed on your desktop in a folder).

1. Download newest firmware from

2. Check if the SD card is inserted, has enough storage, and is compatible.

3. Check that the USB cable and power supply that is being used are the ones originally supplied with the camera.

4. Ensure the camera is charged. This process takes ~3 hours.

5. Load vuze_fw.bin to SD Card, If you cannot connect to a computer directly, try using an SD card reader to load the file.

6. Insert the SD Card to the camera and press the power button, the light will blink blue.

7. The camera should blink orange for several seconds.

8. Once the camera is ready, it will reboot and make a beep sound.

9. If the camera does not update (firmware is still on the card) change firmware name from vuze_fw.bin to firmware.bin, reload and restart (this is sometimes required if an update was not performed recently).

If you still cannot update your Vuze camera please contact our support for further assistance.