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Android App Release Notes

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App version: 2.1 (June 12, 2018)

Added Features

  • Stitch and share images in app‎.
  • Activate WiFi on camera boot.
  • General bug fixes, stability.
App version: 2.0.18 (January 9, 2018)

Added Features

  • ‎4 directions of preview‎.
  • Photo mode now captures true photo (native in-camera).
  • Gallery – view, organize, delete. Available in gallery or details view.
  • Vuze LIVE mode switch.
  • Capture ‎2D videos at 60FPS.
  • Exposure compensation and manual exposure controls.
  • In-APP firmware update.
  • Connect to WiFi within APP.
  • Format memory card.
  • Camera level (horizon) indicator.
  • In-app User’s Manual.
  • Camera settings presets.
  • Bug fixes and gui refinements.