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Firmware updates are extremely important because we release new updates, features, and bug fixes with this update and it can help you, sometimes, solve an issue that nothing else can solve. It's always important to keep the camera at its latest firmware version.
You can check whether or not you have the latest version by going to our VR Software page on our website. If the numbers don't match please update the firmware by one of the following methods.

Manually updating the firmware (SD card needed):

  1. Make sure the camera is turned Off and there's enough battery to go through the updating process.
  2. Download the firmware from our website (link above).
  3. Insert a compatible micro SD card to your computer via an adapter. Compatible cards list can be found here.
  4. Format the SD card to exFat (make sure you first backup any necessary info on the card). You can find instructions on how to format the card here.
  5. Copy the firmwareVXR.bin file to the SD card root folder (the first or top-most directory on the SD card).
  6. Insert the SD card into the camera micro SD slot and press it into place until it clicks.
  7. Turn On the camera and wait (do not touch the camera during firmware update).
  8. The camera will boot normally.
  9. The firmware update will start when the Power/Mode LED starts blinking pink.
  10. When the firmware update is complete the camera will reboot and start up normally.
  11. You can check your camera firmware version in the Vuze XR Camera App Settings section, as described here.

Firmware update through the mobile app:

When a firmware update is available you will see a red notification badge on the app Settings icon (cogs).
To update the firmware please navigate to Settings > Camera Settings >  Upgrade Firmware and follow the on-screen instructions.

Note: Do not turn off the camera or remove the microSD card during the firmware update.

Issues concerning firmware update:

  • If the firmware update didn't go through correctly check if the firmware file (firmwareVXR.bin) is still on the SD card or has it disappeared. If the file is still there restart the camera and try again. You can also try to reset the camera and try again. If the file has disappeared but the firmware didn't update still, reformat the SD card, copy the firmware file again and try again.
  • If something doesn't work well with the camera after a firmware update please use the Factory Reset option to remove the firmware and go through the update again.

In case you cannot solve the issue or need further assistance please contact our Support team at and provide all the info you can.