Quick start guide

  1. Charge your camera for 3 hours to get it fully charged (battery charge status LED will turn from red (charging) to green (fully charged). See detailed instructions here
  2. Insert a micro SD card. Make sure to use U3 class micro SD card. For a list of compatible cards please read here
  3. Turn on your camera: Press power button: status indicator light will start blinking blue. Camera is ready once status indicator light turns to steady blue. Detailed explanation of status indications are here
  4. Update your camera’s software to have the latest features.
  5. Download Vuze Camera App to control your camera from your smartphone
    for Android: here
    for iOS: here
  6. You are ready to capture your VR experiences!

  7. To render your VR experiences, download Humaneyes VR Studio here. Please make sure your GPU drivers are up to date.
  8. After installing Humaneyes VR Studio you will need to activate the software:
    • Make sure you are connected to the Internet
    • Turn on the camera with micro SD card inside
    • Connect the camera to the PC when prompted by Humaneyes VR Studio

    You are ready to create and share your VR experiences!

How to import your footage

VR Studio file structure overview