Remember with a video recorder.
Relive with your Vuze camera.

Capture the
Whole Moment

with the world’s first
3D 360° Spherical
Virtual Reality Camera


Generate VR Experiences of the Whole Moment

with our automated
VR production & editing
Humaneyes VR Studio

PC with studio_HP

Relive the
Whole Moment

with our wireless and any smartphone compatible
Virtual Reality Headset


A decade of proprietary 3D &
VR technology so you can relive
special experiences from every
angle, any time.

  • Advanced 3D & 2D Capture
    Capture videos and stills using 8 Full HD cameras within an easy-to-use interface
  • Proprietary Technology
    Create cool, immersive, 3D 360 content with the easy to use Humaneyes VR Studio
  • High Quality VR Video
    Enjoy 4K resolution spherical videos
  • Compact & Lightweight
    Take it anywhere, anytime! 12x12x3 cm
  • Easy to use
    Capture, watch and share in a snap. Automatically generated VR
  • Beautifully designed
    Just choose your color.

A decade of proprietary 3D &
VR technology so you can relive
special experiences from every
angle, any time.

Get Your Own Vuze Camera

Capture, Import & Share Your Own
4K 3D 360° Virtual Reality Videos and Stills


You Haven’t Seen The Scene Without Vuze Camera

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